Employees State Insurance Scheme of India is the country's first integrated multi-dimensional social security scheme for workers in the organized sector. Medical care under this scheme is implemented in the State of Kerala through the Insurance Medical Services.

ESI scheme started functioning in Kerala State on 16-09-1956 in seven centres. In due course of time the scheme was implemented in all major centres in the State. For the effective implementation of the scheme a separate department was formed on 01-04-1985 namely Insurance Medical Services under the administrative control of Labour Department, Government of Kerala, prior to which the scheme was implemented through State Health Services department.

News flash

Promotion from U.D. Clerk to Senior Clerk

Transfer of Pharmacist

Promotion from Junior Superintendent to Senior Superintendent/Lay Secretary & Treasurer

Transfer of Clerk

Promotion from Senior clerk to Head Clerk

സസ്പെൻഷൻ കാലം അവസാനിപ്പിച്ചു കൊണ്ടുള്ള ഉത്തരവ്

Transfer of Head Clerk

Transfer of HA Grade I and promotion of HA Grade II

Transfer Order of Smt. Nisha Beevi. P, Staff Nurse

Transfer of Senior Clerk

Promotion of Clerk to Senior Clerk

Circular - Application for appointment by by-transfer to the post of Attender (Photography)

General Transfer 2016 - Circular

Transfer of Senior Superintendent

Interview for the selection to the post of Assistant Insurance Medical Officer (Provisional) through Professional and Executive Employment office

Transfer with promotion from Senior Clerk to Head Clerk

Transfer and posting of Head Clerks

സ.ഉ.(സാധാ.)നം.1497/2015/തൊഴിൽ - തീയതി 05-11-2015

Restriction regarding granting of Leave Certificate

Disability Evaluation for specialist Medical Officers

Appointment of Part Time Specialists in ESI Hospital

Provisional Appointment of Assistant Insurance Medical Officers

Tender invited for the supply of Computers and Peripherals

Promotion of Senior Clerk to Head Clerk

Disciplinary Action against Sri. Tom. T. Sajan, U.D.C

Appointment of  Part Time specialist in ESI Hospitals

Disciplinary proceedings - Dr. Rajesh, K

Disciplinary proceedings - Sri. V.P. Rajeev
Disciplinary proceedings - Dr. Tom Wilson
Disciplinary proceedings - Dr. Abdul Vadood

Appointment of Assistant Insurance Medical Officer

Interview for the selection to the post of Assistant Insurance Medical Officer (Provisional)

Transfer of HA Grade I and Promotion of HA Grade II

സ.ഉ (കൈ) നം. 143/2015/തൊഴിൽ തീയ്യതി  23.09.2015

Training programme on Manual of Disciplinary Proceedings and Conduct Rules

Transfer of Clerk

Appointment of clerk/pharmacist in daily wages

Uniform of Nursing Assistants and Hospital attendants

Notice regarding Disciplinary action against  Insurance Medial Officers

Promotion of Hospital Attendant Grade II" and "Transfer of Hospital Attendant Grade I

Notice for Appointment of experienced Clerk/Pharmacist

Appointment of Part-Time Specialists

Transfer and Posting of Nursing Assistant

Provisional  appointment of Assistant Insurance Medical Officer

Appointment of Experienced clerks and Pharmacists

"Disciplinary Action against Rajiv. V.P, Lab Tech. Grade II"

Resignation of Dr. Antony.P.Elanthat, AIMO, ESI Dispensary, Cherthala

Transfer and   promotion of Hospital Attendants

1. "Promotion of JS"
2. "Transfer of Head Clerk and Promotion of Senior Clerk"
3. "Promotion of Clerks"
4 "Category change from LD Typist to Senior Clerk"
5. "Joining of Part time Sweeper"
6. " Transfer of HA Grade I & Promotion of HA Grade II"
7. "Transfer of Nursing Assistants and Promotion of HA Grade-I"


Dr. Renu Raj, AIMO, ESI Dispensary, Kalluvathukkal bagged second position in the Indian Cilvil Services Examination"

Dr. Renu Raj, employee of Insurance Medical Services Department achieved second rank in Indian Civil Services Examination

Tender for supply of Hospital instruments

General Transfer of Medical Officers short list

Indent for drugs and dressings 2015-16 - proforma available in downloads link

Tender for supply of medical equipments - Date extended

Promotion of Hospital Attendants - list published

Tenders for Walk in cold room, Ventillator, Portable X ray and Multi parameter monitor invited

Show cause notice - V. Geethadevi

Revised re-tender document for CTG Machine

Procurement of CTG Machine Invitation of Tenders

Re-tender Notification for modular multi parameter monitor

Re-tender for procurement of Medical equipments

Tender Notice

PG Medical Revised Final List published

PG Medical 2014 Final Rank List of IMS quota published

Medical PG 2014 Provisional Rank List

Show Cause Notice

General Transfer of Pharmacist Grade I

General Transfer of Doctors -2014 - Orders issued

General Transfer-2014 Radiographer and x-ray technician orders issued

Procurement of Hospital Equipments in ESI Hospital , Ernakulam


Indent Proforma for Drugs and Dressing for 2014-15

General Transfer 2014 Applications invited

Circular - Property Returns - online submission

Enhancement of monitory limit for GPF TA and NRA

Promotion to the Post of Head Clerks

Transfer and Postings of Head clerks

Promotion and Postings to the Post of Junior Superintendents

Gradation list of medical officers of IMS Department Recruited Till 01.11.2012-Updated as on 01.11.2013 proceedings

Gradation list of medical officers of IMS Department Recruited Till 01.11.2012-Updated as on 01.11.2013

Final Seniority List of  UD& LD Clerks as on 01/04/1994 Proceedings

Final Seniority List of  UD Clerks as on 01/04/1994

Final Seniority List of LD Clerks as on 01/04/1994

Final Seniority list for PG Published

Re-Tender Notice - Diagnostic Laparoscope to  gynaecology department to ESI Hospital  Ernakulam

Final Seniority list of Doctors published for PG Courses