Quotation for Glass Bottles for Homoeo Medicine- 2023-24 - Last Date for submission of Quotation -22.02.2024 at 12 pm


Name of Officer Office Name Mail ID Employee Photo
Dr.Malini S Director of Insurance Medical Services director.ims@kerala.gov.in
Dr Rajeev S Joint Director of Insurance Medical Services jd.ims@kerala.gov.in
Dr Latha Sahadevan Deputy Director (Ayurveda) dd-ayur.ims@kerala.gov.in
Dr Ajitha T P Deputy Director (Homoeo) dd-homoeo.ims@kerala.gov.in
Dr. Cini Priyadharsini Regional Deputy Director (South Zone) rddsz.ims@kerala.gov.in
Dr.Joan Karen Meyn Regional Deputy Director (Central Zone) rdd-cz.ims@kerala.gov.in
Dr Sudhir Kumar V K Regional Deputy Director (North Zone) rdd-nz.ims@kerala.gov.in
Satheesh S Administrative Officer ao.ims@kerala.gov.in
Surabhish Babu M K Finance Officer sfo.ims@kerala.gov.in